Product and Services

constructionwise® brings to the fore in partnership, the ultimate in technology and the best in its human resources. The core of our business revolves around providing detailed design and undertaking full construction of residential, commercial and industrial projects of any complexity, either as a Specialist Sub-Contractor, Main Contractor or Design-Build Contractor.

We provide unparalleled satisfaction to the owners and end-users of all our construction projects. The positive outlook and sustainable global views shared by our teams ensure that human impact as a result of all our activity is controlled and managed, and such positive thinking helps achieve our end goals with much greater freedom, creativity and certainty.

Our customers are treasured and rewarded with some of the best built-forms we have today.

It is our privilege to be able to provide services in any, or all of the following construction-related disciplines.


The blueprint of true built form is a tribute to our predecessors, their heritage and their achievements.

At constructionwise®, this truly remarkable legacy and, hence, the resolute foundation upon which our industry is built, continues to inspire us relentlessly. This is recognized and respected in all our design endeavours. We embrace their virtues and strive to integrate and enhance the design deliverables, given today's technology and advancements.

We are gratified to be able to provide the following architectural services:

  • Prepare project concept design and proposal outline
  • Prepare 3d model and visual including animation
  • Prepare consent documentation and lodge consents
  • Prepare construction documentation
  • Service construction phase of project
  • Sign off construction against design objectives and set parameters

Architectural services



There are no limits to the thought train employed at constructionwise®. Our multi-disciplinary resources provide the best in any of the following engineering disciplines.

This serves as the backbone to all our building accomplishments, and provides certainty of achieving a complete built solution under one roof…

  • Surveying
  • Geo-technical
  • Civil design
  • Infrastructure design
  • Services engineering
  • Structural engineering including seismic design relating to all projects
  • Consent approvals and construction inspections relating to all engineering work

Engineering services


Cost Planning

Our clients seek certainty with their investments, and in order for their projects to take-off, we leave no stones unturned in providing accurate cost reporting.

We work backwards, given the clarity in our client's vision, and we strive to contain their projects within targeted budgets. Our resources are stacked up to achieve resounding success for our clients on all our projects, as we:

  • Provide fair and equitable cost planning assistance
  • Verify feasibility and develop cost plans or estimates, based on client's preferred construction concepts
  • Minimize redesign costs by capturing key requirements upfront, whilst appreciating client's budget and key goals
  • Maintain financial control by monitoring budget against design and investments
  • Provide essential quantity surveying services to facilitate construction
  • Prepare payment claims, valuations and payment schedules to suit our varied clients, including banks and other financial institutions
  • Keep our clients fully aware of the financial status on their projects, which, by seeking strength in numbers, lets our clients make informed decisions
  • Provide peer review services by undertaking a thorough and rigorous approach to costs, considering all contributing variables

Cost planning



We specialize in constructing projects of residential, commercial and industrial nature, the smallest to the largest.

Our energy is always harnessed in a positive way, which yields a truly remarkable built solution for our clients, every single time.
We approach construction as a life form, which is conceived well prior to the commencement of any site activity, and concludes once our projects are fully operational.

We keep our clients involved in many of our key decision-making processes, hence enabling them to live and breathe the journey of their valued projects, leaving behind nothing but a positive recollection of their construction experience with constructionwise®. We:

  • Prepare project master plan by first discussing with our client's their key objectives
  • Undertake essential pre-construction planning and identify procurement strategies which are then implemented to suit the desired outcome
  • Obtain competitive tenders, assess and award based on merits
  • Manage subcontractors and consultants communication, and encourage team culture
  • Manage construction phase and create uplifting team spirit within all workforces regardless of their roles
  • Continually assess key performance indicators and keep all contributors and stakeholders informed on progress
  • Conduct independent building inspections
  • Liaise with local authority for all consent and inspections
  • Maintain quality control on continual basis, leaving no stones unturned until our own rigorous QA standards are met.
  • Provide clients with full operations and maintenance documentation relating to the building's mechanics and controls, including training client's key personnel in handling their newly acquired investments.
  • Handover complete and operational construction project to our clients.
Commercial construction residential construction Land development Property investment commercial design residential architectural plans


Project Management

At constructionwise® we approach our projects with dignity, honour and respect.

It is what our client has asked for, is what we collaboratively set to achieve on all our projects.

In the role of project managers, we steer the ship in full control of the destiny of our projects. This is achieved in partnership with all consultants and constructors, and it is this spirit that sees us and our clients through, smiling to the end goal. We:

  • Procure the best and most cost effective building solution for our clients
  • Manage our client's key deliverables, within budget and time, and to the highest quality
  • Co-ordinate design to facilitate construction processes
  • Obtain key personnel and resources to expedite process as required
  • Ensure all handover procedures are met and inspections are complete
  • Facilitate council Code Compliance Certificates, handing over and guiding the client's personnel with Operations and Maintenance of their built projects.



Going through the motions of court proceedings can be a challenging and difficult time for most people, let alone the expenses. For this reason and more, we encourage our clients to seek a peaceful, out-of-court resolution, to all matters in the first instance.

Where issues have escalated beyond this point, we encourage resolution by means of negotiation or adjudication.

As a last resort, and if no other means are available, then we would pursue justice within the statutes.

Our services include:

  • Understanding client's problems and discussing options
  • Preparing detailed statements of claim and defense
  • Preparing supporting documentation in line with current Building Code and Legislation
  • Instructing counsel to pursue justice in the courts


The world is beckoning…

We have extensive entrepreneurial network on a global level, which supplements all our foregoing activities and businesses.

We encourage advancement of sustainable technology, and through our profit-sharing, we actively support organizations that seek to help the deserved and the needy. We get there by:

  • Keeping ahead of the market in terms of product design and innovation
  • Integrating proven solution within the company's developments and demands
  • Investing in strategic and rewarding interests
  • Investing in charitable courses pertaining to education and other immediate necessities for the needy
  • Acquiring pure inspiration and applying it to suit customer's immediate and long-term needs